Totally irregular blog on computers and security


Hey! I’m Simon, a computer nerd interested in infosec, and tinkering with hardware and software.

You can check out some of my projects on GitHub, as well as on my own cgit instance.

Contacting me

If you want to chat about an article on my blog, or one of my projects, contact me! You can find me:

What I use

See the /uses page.


I don’t give a lot of talks publicly, but I’ve presented twice at SSTIC! They’re 3-minutes talks about various projects.

About the website

This website is generated by Hugo and hosted on a small Intel NUC in my cupboard.

This blog used to be generated by Jekyll, until I realised how difficult it was to maintain a Ruby installation when you’re not a Ruby developer. I now have a precompiled Hugo which can be easily reproduced thanks to vendored depedencies, and should keep working basically forever.