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My projects

Here’s a quick-and-dirty list of my projects. The most recent ones should be at the top.

UTF-8 playground I’m on a text encoding kick. A JS web app to split up text into UTF-8 code points
Text encoding playground a Javascript web app to illustrate what happens when you mix and match text encodings
noticeme a headless client for soju which runs a command on highlight
wgmgr a command-line tool to manage Wireguard servers
freshrss-extensions a couple of extensions for the FreshRSS feed reader
termsonic A Subsonic client for the terminal. Compatible with Navidrome.
dmgo a port of dmgo, a Gameboy emulator, to the Kindle 4. It uses go-kindle to display to the screen and read input.
kindle-doom a port of PrBoom to the Kindle 4
go-kindle a Go library to interface with the Amazon Kindle 4. Kinda low level, but it can do some cool stuff nevertheless.